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Sonic Motion Records are pleased to present

Atyss - Time Dilation

Artist : Atyss
Mastering by Atyss
Format : CD & Digital
Catalog: SOM1CD07

Release on CD : March 17th 2014
Digital : April 7th 2014

Infos :

Sonic Motion Records present

Atyss - Time Dilation

Sonic Motion Records is proud to present Atyss's new album 'Time Dilation',
an atmospheric tale of modern experimentation mixed with classic analog reminiscences.
Comprised of 9 exclusive tracks, his latest work is guaranteed to ignite dancefloors and transport listeners into quantum singularities !

Drawing inspiration from events, parties and encounters over the last few years, and reinforced with the latest advances in studio techniques, Atyss successfully captures each instant in painting an intricate auditory illustration rendered in his own signature style featuring steady inclines,
cinematic breaks, whispery tones and ghostly melodies.

Established guest artists also feature, bringing new influences into the ensemble, whether it is the dance floor mayhem of Outer Signal or a more hopeful upbeat spirit with Yurika; collaborating with Atyss in their new forthcoming side project 'Bonnie & Clyde'. 

So be prepared to journey into a dimension where the lines of time and space become blurred, where infectiously haunting bells, glitched sequences and industrial snares cocoon your eardrums; you are about to experience Tiiiiiiime Diiiillaaaaatiionnnnn

Tracklist :

1- Time Dilation
2- Temporal Illusions vs Lior Josh Outer Signal
3- Punishement rmx
4- Esperanto
5- Bonnie & Clyde vs Yurika
6- Time Velocity
7- Isolator rmx
8- Flux Capacitor
9- Resolution vs Lior Josh Outer Signal rmx by Atyss

All tracks written & produced by Atyss @ Sonic studio. Paris - France

Except :
Temporal Illusions (w&p with Lior Josh Outer Signal)
Punishement (original track w&p by Phatmatix) rmx by Atyss
Bonnie and Clyde (w&p with Yurika)
Resolution (original track w&p with Lior Josh Outer Signal) rmx by Atyss

Mastering by Atyss - France


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